More IBC 2018 events

Bocce fun night and picnic on Wednesday, August 8, 5:30-8:30 Foothills Park, Lake Oswego

Potluck  picnic dinner.  Beautiful park with several bocce courts.  Claude will organize bocce.   Put the date on your calendar and check back here for more details. 


Festa Italiana, Aug 23-25 11:0O AM to 11:00 PM

 Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square.  Once again, we will have an IBC members-only table in the wine garden.  Most of us will be volunteering during the event and it will be nice having a good spot to relax and be among friends and family. 

For more information, including, the mass at The Grotto, the bocce tournament, the film night and more about the Festa,  check the Festa's website with the button below

This event was 'a blast', sorry if you missed it


Photos of this event are on our photo gallery

Truly beautifully restored cars of the 50's and 60s in a soda shoppe of the same era. Congratulations to Nanacy Passadore, winner of the '50's dress contest.

More IBC events are planned. Check back


Our March 2018 meeting ............ Was a celebration!

at Willamette Cider and Ale House


The March 10 event was well attended by 35 members, spouses and friends. Sorry if you couldn’t make it because it was a good and friendly evening. There was no entry fee and the IBC paid for a truly great and plentiful table of sandwiches and nachos. with members purchasing their own beverages. Chuck Sirianni’s daughter & her husband just opened this beautiful and warm pub in West Linn serving beer, cider and wine as well as great food. They graciously let us take over a large part of the cider house for this special IBC event. 

Italian theme badges (some funny, some proud ... Thank you Maureen), a lively group and Italian-American music made for a fun-filled event.


If you are not yet a member, we would love to tell you what we are about.

If you want more information about joining the IBC, send us an email: cbon49@yahoocom.  You can also download an application for membership at the bottom of the home page.

February 13, 2018 meeting




Our February 13th meeting  at Nicoletta’s Table in Lake Oswego proved to be a well attended and enjoyable evening that begin with antipasti platters for a Pre-Valentine’s Day social hour. Following that was a bit of humorous fun (thanks to Maureen and Deb), dinner and a talk by PSU Professoressa, Angela Zagarella. Angela discussed what is happening with Italian language at PSU, the significance of Valentine in Italy and fascinating tidbits of her recent travels, including immigration into Italy from the south and east and a tragedy with a boat of people off of the coast of Lampedusa which was visited by Angela and a group from PSU. 


For the business part of the meeting, Claude showed a new IBC logo which was voted on and approved and which is displayed here and elsewhere. It was also announced that our March meeting will be another social event on a Saturday evening for members and spouses (or significant friends) at an historic West Linn building restored with a British-Royal inspired interior, converting it to a warm and inviting cider house, serving beer, cider and wine as well as great sandwiches, etc. This brand new establishment is the product of IBC member Chuck Sirianni’s daughter and son-in-law who have graciously given the IBC use of the facility on a Saturday evening for this special event.  More information will be announced as details are worked out. But save the date of Saturday, March 10.


Claude also announced that many more of our monthly meetings will be more social and less business. We may have another fund raising evening at George’s garage, a summer barbeque at a brew pub, bocce, a cigar night and, of course, our ’la Vendemmia’ So, check back here once in a while.

The next IBC board meeting is Tuesday, March 6, 6:00 at Nicoletta's.  All are invited to attend but kindly let Claude know.