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Who and What we are


                   2019 Club Officers

President:          Tony Leonetti

VP:                         Stefano Longhi-Call

Treasurer:          Deb Wilson

Secretary:         "Chelle"  Ordway

Sgt. at Arms:    Anthony Pomante 

Board Chair:    Claude Bonfiglio

For 68 years, the IBC has been a proud and important part  of Portland's Italian community. Established by Portland businessmen of Italian heritage, the organization was formed with this mission:

  • Coordinating efforts of Portland's Italian community in providing financial help for Italy's tragic  Po River flood of 1951 . That initial act led to a tradition of assisting many worthwhile causes, locally as well as in Italy, and  has continued through the years.  
  • Promoting and celebrating Italian culture and language with our friends,  family and Portland neighbors.

Of course, many changes have occurred over the  years, as well as changing the original name, Italian Businessmen's Club to the Italian Benvenuti Club, keeping the acronym IBC.

Today's IBC consists of men and women of Italian heritage and others who love Italian culture, believe in our mission and 'la Dolce Vita', an Italian phrase which was first used in a film of that name, though has come to mean ‘the good life’ in a positive way, not living life mainly for the luxury and pleasure as depicted in the film.

More than a club

 ... we are friends and family with a common background, heritage and interest.

We hold several  social club gatherings throughout the year with more formal club meetings  held, when necessary,   for elections, planning and other key issues. 

The business of the club is primarily  accomplished  by the IBC board at monthly meetings (all members are invited),  and communicated to members via emails (and other digital means) and short discussions  during social meetings.

Social functions are sometimes fund raisers open to all, others are  club social events; barbecues, bocce games, holiday parties and club gatherings at interesting venues such as beer gardens, vineyards, and member's homes, sometimes with interesting guest speakers. We also participate as a group  and volunteer  with other Italian events in Portland, such as the Festa Italiana, Scuola Italiana's Carnevale and Columbus Banquet


Our largest events, open to all, are an annual grape harvest celebration, 'La Vendemmia', a traditional Italian festival of food, wine, music and friendship and also a fun-filled spring/summer social event.


Scholarships and Service

The IBC has remained committed to the ideals of cultural awareness and civic service upon which it was founded. Of course, being of Italian heritage, we also have a good time together.

Each year the IBC  Foundation, a 501 (c) (3)  organization provides a scholarship for students of Italian heritage.  More information can be found on the scholarhip section of this website. We also assist the Scuola Italiana di Portland, financially and by serving on their board.

Congratulations to the IBC Foundation's 2018 recipient, a $2000 scholarship was awarded to  Rachel Lindquist, a senior at Portland State.    

Over the years, we have helped local charities and,  in Italy,  we have supported organizations that assist in the recovery from floods and earthquakes. 

Some of our social functions are fund raisers  to support the foundation. Members and friends also  contribute,  and direct contributions to the foundation can also be made on the shopping portion of this website.

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Thank you for checking out our website. We welcome your comments and questions. If you would like to apply for membership, the PDF application is below or if you wish more information, contact Tony at the button below.

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